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Policies & Frequently Asked Questions Answered


Inquiry Responses/Orders

  1. Kxntry Brand aims to provide expeditious inquiry responses. Please allow 24-72 hours for an inquiry.

  2. All orders must be sent to kxntrybrand@gmail.com, no exceptions.

  3. Inquiry can be made via direct messengers on social media or via text from business number. However, official orders must be emailed.



  1. A non-negotiable deposit in an amount of at least 50% of the total project cost is required prior to the start of any work and secure that your creation is complete.

  2. Any creations totaling $50 or less must be paid in full to secure that your creation is done. Any remaining balances totaling more than $50 must be paid before receiving or being mailed.

  3. Any creation that is required to be mail, customer will be subjected to pay a shipping fee.


Creation Request


  • Any custom creation is required to have specifics to accommodate the customer’s desire for their creation. (i.e. favorites, specific colors, charms, pendants & etcetera)

  • Accurate sizes for your creation are required to ensure proper/favorable fitting. The average creation is subjected to have 20-22 beads. Creators must be informed of wrist size or average will be created.

  • Your creation price may vary depending on what is requested. Certain charms/pendants/beads are more expensive than others are and will be included in the total price at the creator discretion.



  • No creation will be started without a payment that properly accommodates your order.

  • Allow all creations 4-7 business days for completion. Some creations are subjected to take longer depending on what is ordered.

Rush Fee

  • Any creation that is required to be done in a limited period (i.e. “last minute gift”) is subjected to a fee, which will include expedited shipping cost.

Creation Cancellations

  • Any creation that is canceled within 24-48 hours of payment, a refund of what is paid will be returned.

  • If creation has started, 50% of your paid refund will be returned for labor and time.


Receiving Creation

  • Kxntry Brand can arrange how the creation will be picked up or mailed upon completion via email or phone.


  • Customer will receive a picture via email or phone if the order is custom made to ensure satisfaction.

Revision of Creation

  • Any creation is allowed one revision to ensure satisfaction. Two or more revisions will be subjected to a fee of $5.

Thank You,


Kxntry Brand.